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  • What Can You Do With A Maths Degree?
    As I have just entered my final year at university, I have started to think about what my future is going to look like and as I’m sure many other final year university students feel, I have no idea what to do next. I wanted to write this article to show that there are so many different avenues to pursue after completing a maths degree and you’re not alone in trying to figure out the … Read more
  • The Birthday Problem: What are the chances?
    When writing a birthday card for one of my friends, I noticed a small coincidence: this person had the same birthday as someone else I knew. Since leaving the online world and returning to a slowly-adjusting post-covid University life, I was looking forward to my first night back out being a friend’s birthday party. But what were the odds of someone else also having theirs, too? Lets take a look at the Maths… The “Birthday … Read more
  • Algebra and Chemistry: An Intriguing Overlap.
    The links between different STEM subjects is always a topic for discussion, and normally we just take peoples’ word for this. Remember at school a teacher saying, “this applies in Physics too” or “you’ll use this in Chemistry next year”, but just how far does this go and how deep are the connections between two scientific subjects? At degree level, skills and knowledge between different modules and courses intertwine all the time and learning about … Read more
  • You’re one in a (quarter of a) million: the mathematics of finding love
    Okay, enough on the physical aspects of attraction (this isn’t Love Island – but if you’re interested go and read my previous article). Let’s take a look a bit deeper at those aspects of attraction that are beneath the skin. There are a number of traits that science has proven to be commonly attractive for us humans, with regards to heterosexual relationships (unfortunately, there’s a huge lack of data on homosexual and other types of … Read more
  • How Long Would It Take You To Crack The Enigma Machine
    By now almost everyone would have heard of the Enigma Machine, be it from your love for Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Alan Turing in the Imitation Game, or maybe you have a passion for code breaking. Now I myself am a big fan of Cumberbatch and watching him in the Imitation Game led me to wonder, how long would it have taken me to crack the enigma machine? First we need to understand what we’re … Read more
  • The Universal Symbol – Equals Sign
    Today we take for granted the numerous symbols that appear in the mathematical literature, but each has a history of its own, often reflecting the state of Mathematics at the time. -Eli Maor The symbols used in modern Mathematics tend to be understood exclusively by those who deem to use them. In school, the beginner Mathematician uses $+, -, \times$ and $\div$. These operations are the basis of arithmetic; and subsequently, further complex problems arise … Read more