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Current Team


Emilia Hurrell

Emilia is a third year UEA Mathematics student, Norwich local and incoming Consulting Development Analyst at Accenture. Maths-wise, she is particularly interested in statistics and computing, as well as their respective applications to the finance industry. Outside of spending hours of her life puzzling over numbers, she also enjoys a good ol’ pub quiz and travelling with her mates (although COVID’s thrown a bit of a spanner in the works with both of those).

Georgia Price

Georgia is in her second year of Mathematics at UEA and will be completing her final year from September. She started her university career studying Chemical Physics, but found herself more partial to Maths. She loves the link between maths and science and how it explains the real world (just look at her articles!). When she’s not studying she can be found out and about, eating and drinking in Norwich and London.

Hannah Furness

Hannah is currently in her second year at UEA studying Mathematics. Fluid Flow and Differential Equations have been her favourite modules so far, and she can’t wait to learn about cryptography in third year. Alongside her studies, she enjoys watching and taking part in musical theatre and dance. Her most recent project has been playing the role of Otto in Spring Awakening.

Leanne Rosner

Leanne is a 2nd year Mathematics Student at UEA. Her learning consists of Inviscid Fluid Flow, Linear Algebra and other complex subjects, though it was the Differential Equations module that won her over! Integration and Differentiation are her cup of tea, and the methods are ‘just fascinating’ (when it works!)

On the side of her degree, Leanne plays for the Norwich Devils Women’s American Football team. It’s intense but has an incredible fast-paced environment.

She believes the best way to grow is to speak to new people, ask questions, and to become what you respect. She loves writing about people, and telling their stories.

Executive Editor

George Witty

George is a Lecturer in Mathematics at UEA. He also works as a Widening Participation Academic Officer within the Faculty of Science, working on Outreach engagements for school pupils along with projects focusing on the access, success, retention and progression of students at UEA.
Outside of UEA, George enjoys playing card games from across the world, along with any other game that can be played at the pub!

Managing Editors

Asaf Karagila

Asaf is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at UEA. His research is in set theory with a specialisation in the axiom of choice and large cardinals. He is also a moderator on Mathematics StackExchange and MathOverflow.

Davide Proment

Davide is a senior lecturer in applied maths and physics at UEA. His research focuses mainly on vortex dynamics and turbulence in quantum fluids, but he also works on out-of-equilibrium regimes of other physical systems like ocean waves, light propagating in nonlinear media, and nonlinear chains in solid state physics. He likes cooking, growing his own vegetables and fruits, travelling, and playing board games.

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