Leanne Rosner

Leanne is a 2nd year Mathematics Student at UEA. Her learning consists of Inviscid Fluid Flow, Linear Algebra and other complex subjects, though it was the Differential Equations module that won her over! Integration and Differentiation are her cup of tea, and the methods are ‘just fascinating’ (when it works!) On the side of her degree, Leanne plays for the Norwich Devils Women’s American Football team. It’s intense but has an incredible fast-paced environment. She believes the best way to grow is to speak to new people, ask questions, and to become what you respect. She loves writing about people, and telling their stories.

Euler’s method & Hidden Figures – is it really ‘old maths’?

At some point in a Mathematician’s life, they will hear Mathematics being referred to as a ‘Universal Language’. In your world, $5+5=10$, and if you go over to your neighbour’s house, $5+5$ will still be equal to $10$. Flying halfway across the world? If it’s not too obscure, ask a local and they will (hopefully) tell you that $5+5$ does indeed equal $10$. So, it …

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