Welcome to The Axiom

Welcome! We are the School of Mathematics at the University of East Anglia, and this is our blog.

This is not your typical maths blog, we’re not here to solely discuss maths. This is also not your typical “maths department blog” where we advertise how great it is to work and study here. This is something different.

Simply put, this blog is an experiment. We wanted to see what it’s like to have a different kind of online presence. Instead of the rapid-fire tweeting or the socialising Facebook posts, we decided to try something different. This blog will be a combination of a maths blog and a stage on which we can discuss things that interests us. But not just us, we hope to interest you as well!

In the course of the next year or so we will write here about general mathematical facts, we will have interviews with our faculty, guests, seminar speakers, graduates, and other people who might shed some light on what does a mathematician do, what does a maths graduate do, and other types of fun maths stories.

This is our Axiom, and we are putting it to the test. We hope that you’ll stick with us, that you’ll read, engage with us, and tell us what we can do better. But without further ado let me clear the stage, so that you can read something more interesting!

Asaf is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at UEA. His expertise lie in set theory, and specifically on the topic of the Axiom of Choice. In his spare time he also moderates Mathematics StackExchange and MathOverflow.

Davide is an associate professor in applied maths and physics at UEA. His research focusses mainly on vortex dynamics and turbulence in quantum fluids, but he also works on out-of-equilibrium regimes of other physical systems like ocean waves, light propagating in nonlinear media, and nonlinear chains in solid state physics. He likes cooking, growing his own vegetables and fruits, travelling, and playing board games.